Unexpected Spoilers: Alum Hailey Tilford Shares Photos Of Levi’s 1st Birthday

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford

Unexpected spoilers and updates tease that alum, Hailey Tilford birthed her son by Matthew Blevins on April 2, 2020, and now she celebrates his 1st birthday. Obviously excited, she posted early and shared loads of photos. Actually, they look rather nice as it looks like she arranged them in her gallery in chronological order. Whether TLC fans love or hate Hailey, (aka Hailey 2), there’s no denying her son Levi Carter’s a total cutie-pie.

Unexpected Spoilers – Alum Hailey Tilford Mentioned Levi’s Birthday About A Week Ago

Recall, Hailey Tilford conceived her baby with Matthew Blevins. Originally, he fathered Hailey Tomlinson’s child Kinsley. So, it all went down with some awkward moments. After all, the two Haileys were apparently friends before that. Naturally, TLC fans went after both Matthew and Hailey on social media and a lot of hate went their way. Even worse, they announced the pregnancy during the Tell All. Later, Hailey Tomlinson posted on her YouTube how she felt broken. But, the producers wanted her to look unworried about it.

A lot happened in the last year. Levi arrived about two weeks ahead of his expected due date. Soon after that, Unexpected fans heard that Hailey and Matthew fought a lot. He later declared he wasn’t the father. And he removed Levi from his profile.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford's son, Levi

Eventually, they split, and Hailey took up with Cole Smith who acted as a surrogate dad to Levi. Then that ended, and she took up with Matthew’s half-sister’s uncle. So, drama after drama came along. But just over a week ago, Hailey turned her thought to Levi’s 1st birthday. She told her fans she wants a small celebration with a few friends and family.

Unexpected Updates – Levi’s Photo Gallery On His First Birthday

As the Unexpected star recently also split from the uncle as well, it’s not clear if any father figure features at Levi’s birthday celebration.

However, his mom’s clearly very devoted to her son. So, fans heard with some relief that after he suffered a seizure, Hailey Tilford told them that doctors hoped it might be a one-off issue. So, far, it never recurred. In her gallery, the little boy certainly looks healthy and well, so that’s a blessing.

In her post, Hailey Tilford told Unexpected fans how much she loved her boy, In total, she shared nine photos. In her caption, she noted, “Happy Birthday Levi Carter. Mommy loves you.” She also talked about how it all seemed so sudden, “just like that.” The photos revealed the day of his birth, and progressed through his baby days, to kneeling, standing, and enjoying the outdoors. If you love Hailey Tilford’s son, then you’ll probably enjoy seeing all her photos.

Of course, Unexpected fans still hope that Hailey Tilford shares some photos of his actual birthday. Perhaps Levi gets to smash his own cake on his first birthday.

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