Unexpected Spoilers: Hailey Tilford’s Son Levi Health Update

Unexpected: Hailey Tillford

Unexpected spoilers and updates tease that fans stressed for Hailey Tilford, (aka Hailey 2) as they heard that her son Levi ended up at the hospital. At the time, she shared via her Instagram Stories that he wore a monitor. Doctors thought that he suffered from a sort of seizure. So, in a Q&A this weekend, the young mom updated on Levi. She also talked about what she plans for his first birthday.

Unexpected Spoilers – Hailey Tilford Talks About Levi In latest Q&A

Hailey Tilford didn’t feature in the latest season of the TLC show. Previously, she and her boyfriend at the time, Cole, decided they didn’t need the show. And later, it emerged that the network didn’t want her anyway. Apparently, it had something to do with an alleged racist post. But Matthew Blevins’ exclaimed that someone hacked her account. Fortunately, she remains active on social media. So, fans see something of her little boy as he grows up. Mind you, deciphering where she and Matthew stand in their relationship’s less easy to ascertain.

When Hailey first appeared on Unexpected, she picked up a lot of hate. Recall, she cheated on her best friend Hailey Tomlinson with her baby daddy, Matthew. The Tell-All brought the rather unsurprising news that she expected a baby. Once the TLC star birthed Levi, many fans forgave her, as she seemed serious about parenthood. And these days, fans eagerly await updates on Levi. Cute as a button, he soon turns one-year-old. This weekend, Hailey answered some questions on her Instagram Stories Q&A.

Unexpected: Levy Tilford

How Is Little Levi Doing?

Unexpected fans first heard that Hailey rushed Levi to the hospital earlier this month. She shared a photo of the little mite on her Instagram Stories. And later, she told fans that doctors thought he had a seizure. They couldn’t establish the cause at that stage though. Some fans wondered where Matthew was. But she cleared up the question in her new post. Plus, it looks like whatever happened, Levi seems a lot better. She told her fans that “he’s doing amazing now.” Plus, she hopes that the health scare was “just a one-time” thing.

When another Unexpected fan asked the TLC alum if Matthew supported her at the hospital, she explained that he didn’t. However, it seems like her baby daddy had a reasonable excuse. Hailey Tiflord said that he couldn’t be there due to “coronavirus restrictions.” Next, she discussed the first birthday party for Levi. Well, she plans something small for him and only invites family and friends. Actually, he’s probably too young to enjoy an elaborate party anyway.

Unexpected Updates – Other Random Info From Hailey

In one Q&A question, an Unexpected fan asked Hailey if she recalled her first “symptoms” of pregnancy. The teen mom explained that she mainly felt like her “boobs” hurt. And her diet preferences changed. Of course, she also overran her monthly period date.

No doubt, plenty of TLC fans hope that Levi remains healthy and well. Perhaps Hailey Tilford shares some photos of her son when they celebrate his milestone birthday.

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