Unexpected Spoilers: Lexus Scheller Is Pregnant Again!

Unexpected: Lexus Scheller

Unexpected spoilers and updates tease that Lexus Scheller is pregnant again and her new baby is due in September. She appeared on the first and second season of Unexpected and just made this announcement with her boyfriend, Isaiah Norwood. The couple is incredibly excited!

Unexpected Spoilers – Instagram Says It All

When Lexus posted about the baby, she shared a picture of a sonogram and a celestial map. She captioned the photo, “The stars were aligned when we made you.” Then she told her fans that the second child would be born in September. She told her fans that she is now 10 weeks pregnant and she is really hoping for a boy.

Lexus also told her fans that they do want to know the gender of the new baby and that they will find out in just a couple more weeks. Lexus already has one daughter, named Scarlett. She will have her fourth birthday in May and is very excited about having a little sister to take care of and play with!

Unexpected Updates – Cast Members Show Love

As soon as Lexus made her new baby post, many of her co-stars reached out to her and shared their love for her. Lilly Bennet was among them and she told Lexus just how happy she was for her. Lexus also told Lilly that she would love some advice on being a mom of two little ones. Laura Barron also congratulated Lexus on her big announcement.

Lexus and Isiah haven’t been together very long. They started dating in January 2020. According to her ex-boyfriend, Shayden Massey, Lexus cheated on him while he was in jail and many fans of the show think that it could have been with Isiah, but Lexus continues to deny that this ever happened.

Isaiah and Lexus got really lovey-dovey on Instagram when they celebrated their year anniversary. Lexus shared a lot of pictures of him and she called him her soul mate. We hope that things continue to go well with them.

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