Unexpected Spoilers: Myrka Cantu Talks Relationships And The Show

Unexpected spoilers and updates tease that Myrka Cantu really wanted to open up to her fans about the show and about her life. She took to Instagram to do a Q&A session for her fans and some of her answers were very interesting and her fans are happy that she took this time out for them.

Unexpected Spoilers – Myrka Cantu Answers Fan Questions

It was exciting to see Myrka talk about the show and some of the former and current cast members. Many of her fans asked why Reanna has kicked off the show, but she told fans that she couldn’t answer that question.

She talked about why the show was delayed too. She told fans that it would be about a month’s delay and the scenes with Reanna have to be deleted because she is no longer a TLC employee.

The Bachelor: Myrka Cantu and Ethan Ybarra

Myrka told fans that her father is very supportive of her, but it does seem that her mother is the one who threw her out of their house. Her mother blames her father for all of Myrka’s problems and issues. She told fans that she and her father are getting much closer though. It also looks like she and Ethan Ybarra now live with her father, so he has been helping them out a lot.

Unexpected Updates – Myrka Cantu and Her Mother

When fans asked Myrka about her mother, she definitely hinted that they are still butting heads and not getting along so well. Apparently, her mother hasn’t forgiven her for some things that she did in the past and just won’t let it all go. She did tell her fans that she “loves her tons”, but things are just really up in the air right now with her.

Unexpected Fans also asked Myrka about breastfeeding. She has done it for four months and she said that she thinks it dried up because of the stress that she has been under. It does seem as if Ethan and Myrka are in a great place right now and we are excited to see the show back in a few weeks.

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