The Blended Bunch Spoilers: Will Controversy HALT Season 2?

The Blended Bunch

The Blended Bunch spoilers and updates tease that the show didn’t go down well with a lot of viewers in its premiere season. The show was full of several controversies to the distaste of the viewing populace. For now, there has been no official word about the show getting renewed for a second season by TLC. This has got sitcom buffs asking if The Blended Bunch will get a second season at all.

Some things have made viewers not connect with the reality show. For starters, they feel that the producers of the show harp on sad events to the extreme, which makes the kids uncomfortable. Viewers also disliked the way the kids are somehow been forced to take the last name of Spencer Shemwell.

The social media space is also awash with comments from viewers of the show, as they feel that the show makes no sense at all. The negative comments from fans could be the reason why The Blended Bunch is below the 50th position in last week’s rating of Original Cable Telecasts.

The Blended Bunch

The Blended Bunch Spoilers – Season One Ends This Tuesday- Will It Keep Viewers In Suspense?

In last week’s episode of the reality show, viewers got to watch as Emma Means was adamant in her objections to adding a second name to her surname. In the video trailer to promote this final episode, Erica is having second thoughts about coercing the kids to take on a double surname. Quinn, her brother, has been against such a move from the start. He implores the kids to think well and hard about adopting the double name. Surprisingly, a lot of viewers are in agreement with Quinn. On the other hand, Spencer is in shock as he watches Erica begin to think for herself, which makes her go against his plans.

Apart from the issue of forceful double name adoption, viewers think that the whole show seems staged. A lot of scenes to them saw the kids crying unnecessarily in a bid to spice up the show with drama. For example, the kids were made to cry when Spencer Shemwell was given a tree to plant in memory of his partner, Aimee.

For this final episode, it is all about the kids adopting the double name or not. There aren’t any more storylines to make viewers look forward to a second season.

The Blended Bunch Updates – Should The Ratings Decide For TLC Network?

Last week ratings of Original Cable Telecasts saw The Blended Bunch occupy the 55th position. Even though it experienced an increase of 0.11 before last week, the show has never made it into the Top 50. This is in contrast to the first season of Doubling Down with the Derricos, which made it to the 35th position. The second installment is planned for filming and production in the latter part of this year.

Show ratings are the soul of any reality show, so fans of The Blended Bunch probably know that there won’t be a second season.