Biking USA: More Than 500 Miles Of New Routes Added In California And Wisconsin

Biking USA

The US Bicycle Route System has expanded its reach to 29 states with lots of new routes available in the national interstate network.

Biking has taken off during the coronavirus pandemic. This healthy sport easily provides for social distancing and offers plenty of fresh air. The increased popularity has led to many towns and cities reconsidering their streets. The US Bicycle Route System (USBRS) is the national interstate network connecting urban and rural communities with designated bike paths. USBRS has now expanded its reach to 29 states, adding plenty of new routes on the national interstate network.

Expanding Biking Trails

Officials and local cycling communities in California and Wisconsin have worked with USBRS to create new off-road trails. The new trails are set to connect Milwaukee to the Mississippi River at Bluff Siding. They also link Lake Tahoe using an existing bike path in Nevada to create a seamless route to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Biking USA

These new routes will offer cyclists over 500 miles of safe biking paths and will also expand the reach of the network to a total of 29 states. The new 233-mi USBR 50 path in California starts at South Lake Tahoe at the border with Nevada. This route allows cyclists to climb over mountain passes and head on the Mormon Emigrant Trail prior to heading through the scenic Sierra Nevada using the El Dorado Trail. The latter route heads through the historic Gold Rush country with plenty to see along the way.

Carrying on from there, cyclists will enjoy more than 30 miles of car-free cycling between Folsom and Sacramento. They will then head to Lagoon Valley Park and into San Francisco Bay.

However, this new California bike path is not only for scenic recreational cycling. The route also connects two of the largest communities within the El Dorado and Sacramento counties. Mike Bean of the Friends of El Dorado Trail was involved in designating the new cycling route. He said this route allows local residents to enjoy recreational cycling, biking to work, and running errands by bike.

Biking USA

Wisconsin Cycling Trails

On Wisconsin’s side, cyclists will cut through the steep landscape of the Driftless Region, enjoying 269 miles of forests and urban areas. Craig Thompson of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation said in a statement that establishing the new route “has been years in the making and it’s a great accomplishment for the state.” Thompson said that more than 70 communities in eleven counties have worked together to form the transportation corridor. This is set to be enjoyed by “local, regional and national bicyclists.”

14,598 Miles Of Bike Routes Across The US

USBRS now offers 14,598 miles of cycling routes across America. The routes connect cyclists to scenic pathways through more than 100 National Park Sites. These include Casa Grande Ruins National Monument and Mammoth Cave National Park.

Around 40 states are still busy developing more cycling routes. Once they are complete, this will be the largest cycling network in the world. On top of this, the routes offer safe passage to cyclists of every age and ability throughout America.

Download Digital Maps For Free

For those planning to hit the open road this fall, a series of digital maps is available free for all the designated US Bicycle Routes. Head to the Adventure Cycling website to download the maps provided. The nonprofit organization also provides national coordination for the US Bicycle Route System.

Happy cycling this fall!

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