The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) Spoilers: Steffy’s Wake-Up Call, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Clears Up Misconception

The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) Spoilers: Steffy’s Wake-Up Call, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Clears Up Misconception

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers reveal that fans are divided on who they think Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline Macinnes Wood) really wants. Even though she wants to move on with John “Finn” Finnegan (Tanner Novlan), some viewers wonder if there’s a reason she jumped into bed with her ex. The actress has spoken out, saying the one-night stand was a wake-up call.

Slipping Into Familiar Patterns

B&B spoilers reveal that Steffy has a complicated history with both Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). Due to Liam’s constant waffling over the years, it was far too easy and “normal” to fall into familiar patterns. So, when Liam came to Steffy ranting about Hope betraying him with Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson), it was normal for “Steam” to just come back together again.

B&B Spoilers: Heart Belongs To John Finnegan

In the new issue of Soap Opera Digest, Wood explained that despite what some fans believe, the man that is really in Steffy’s heart is not Liam. He was there at one time and she even had times when she missed what they had together. However, Finn is the man that Steffy is in love with.

One reason why Steffy might have finally taken Liam out of her heart was how he trashed Hope. He was hurt and angry, and it’s okay to feel those things when one thinks they’ve been betrayed. But the way Liam sneered and started attacking his wife was really tasteless and childish. He just took it to a whole new level and it just showed his true colors. Steffy is a smart woman and she knows that if he’s talking about Hope like that behind her back, then he’ll do the same to Steffy.

Steffy Forrester’s Wake-Up Call

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that sleeping with Liam was actually a wake-up call for Steffy. She explains that the one-night stand made her realize that Liam and Hope belong together whale she is supposed to be with Finn.

“She’s realized since she slept with Liam that he really does belong with Hope, and she wants a future with Finn. They are a good fit, and, of course, it would just be easier for her and Finn if the baby were his.”

Fans wondered if Finn really would stay if the baby belonged to Liam. It seems that the answer is yes. The publication teased that Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) is thrilled about a new grandbaby. However, he is concerned about being put under so much stress during the pregnancy. Then, Finn steps in and completely takes care of Steffy. It is something that really tugged at Ridge’s heart and he realized that Finn really loves Steffy very much.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Ex Is Out Of Her System?

There have been comments from both Wood and Novlan about how Steffy needs to get Liam out of her system. That she can’t truly move forward until that happens and that’s also when the “Steam” portrait will come down. Remember the day after “Steam” had their one-night stand?

Steffy kept talking about how special it was and it will be something they will always remember and cherish. At that time, it seemed like she enjoyed being “one” with Liam again. However, she has since changed her tune and knows sleeping with Liam was a wake-up call. Ladies and gentlemen, it seems that Steffy has finally gotten the Waffle King out of her system. We can’t wait to see “Sinn” raise this baby together.

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