Royal Family News: Princess Charlotte Wants to Be This When She Grows Up

Royal Family News: Princess Charlotte Wants to Be This When She Grows UpBritish royal family news reveals that 5-year old Princess Charlotte has quite a life ahead of her. She is in the line of succession to the United Kingdom British monarchy and her father is currently number two in line. There is no doubt that her parents Prince William and Kate Middleton will one day be king and queen and Charlotte is already being groomed for her royal role.

Now comes news that the precocious little one has a career aspiration that has made her parents, “swell with pride.”

Royal Family News: Does Princess Charlotte Want to be a Nurse?

New Idea has reported that an inside palace source told them that Princess Charlotte has told her parents what she wants to be when she grows up—in addition to being a princess of course!

According to the source, Charlotte wants to be a nurse when she grows up: “She’s obviously just a little kid but still, Wills and Kate swelled with pride.”

The source added that Princess Charlotte is a, “caring little girl who also knows what she wants.”

Royal Family News: Will Princess Charlotte Grow Up to be a Nurse?

According to the inside source, “She’s such a caring little girl who also knows what she wants, so they wouldn’t be surprised if she does take on nursing as one of her big causes when she’s older.”

Princess Charlotte may be influenced by the what’s going on in the world at the moment as the coronavirus pandemic decimates lives and communities.

It is said that her parents talk to their three children “every day” about the heroism being shown by the essential workers, doctors and nurses of the NHS staff.

Royal Family News: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Are Said to be Delighted By Charlotte’s Aspirations

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic Prince William and Duchess Kate have shown their support for the NHS by making virtual calls and when possible in person visits. Little Charlotte would have seen and heard her parents talking to staff and perhaps was inspired by what she heard.

In 2020 the entire Cambridge family appeared on BBC’s Big Night In to Clap for Our Carers. Charlotte was seen clapping along with her siblings for the NHS staff who apparently have made a big impact on her.

At that time the country was asked to clap for the NHS and its workers for all their hard work and dedication and the family was pictured on their front porch doing just that.

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