90 Day Fiance Star Elizabeth Potthast Shares New Adorable Shots of Family

90 Day Fiance star Elizabeth Potthast Castravet has certainly seen her fair share of ups and downs these past few years, but if there’s anything that she’s made clear, it’s that her family is her world. Sharing a photo of her family, which includes her husband Andrei and their daughter Eleanor, Elizabeth is sending out a clear message to the world: she’s is love, she’s happy, and nothing is ever going to change that for her. Here’s what you need to know.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Elizabeth Potthast Castravet’s Family Is Her World

Elizabeth and Andrei are perhaps one of the most controversial couples on 90 Day Fiance, and that’s because a lot of people certainly have a lot of different opinions about their relationship and their marriage. While fans have certainly shared their comments and opinions about their relationship, Andrei, Andrei’s work ethic (or lack thereof), and Elizabeth’s family, if there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, is that they certainly do make a cute family!

Many of her social media fans commented on her most recent Instagram photo with, “This is sooo adorable. Look at Eleanor just smiling at the camera. I hope you guys are as happy in this photo as you are when the cameras are not there,” along with, “This makes me heart melt. When is baby number two happening? I know Andrei is not the most popular guy on 90 Day Fiance, but their body language here tells me that they are in sync. If Elizabeth were unhappy, she would leave him. Right?”

Another fan put it this way, “Don’t listen to your haters. If you’ve got your family, that’s all that matters. Do what’s best for you and your kid.”

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