90 Day Fiance Couple Loren And Alexei Brovarnik Take Shai To The Pumpkin Patch

90 Day Fiance couple Loren and Alexei Brovarnik are doing what most couples do with their children during this time of the year, and that’s checking out their local pumpkin patch. And that’s exactly what these reality television stars did along with their adorable son Shai this past weekend. Here’s what you need to know.

While both Loren and Alexi were all smiles, it looks like Shai, who was born back in April, was not having it. Loren shared several photos from their outing on her Instagram page and captioned them with,

“Everyone has an ugly cry. Even the cutest pumpkin in the patch.”

Truer words have no been spoken as a lot of Loren’s fans agreed with her. While Shai looked very cute with his parents at the pumpkin patch, he looked like he preferred to stay at home and take a nap in his crib instead.

Of course, many of Loren’s social media followers commented on her post and confirmed that yes, they are one of the cutest couples and family on the show. Some said, “This just melts my heart. You guys are such a cute couple and you have an adorable son. I love watching you on 90 Day Fiance and I am rooting for you all along the way,” along with, “Awww he might be too little for the pumpkin patch but I’m sure when he’s older he’ll appreciate this picture and seeing his parents together. Making memories that last.”

Another fan wrote, “He’s got his ugly cry going on because he wants to go home and have some pillow talk instead. The expression on his face is priceless. Love you guys.”

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