Prince William And Kate Middleton Carry Out Their First Royal Engagement Via Video Call

William, 37, and Kate, 38, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, now have their first royal engagement performed by video in the books and it was a huge success.

The two conferenced with school children who have parents working on the frontline of the fight against coronavirus.

It was a jolly scene, with the charismatic couple greeted by excited children dressed in bunny ears. As a token of their affection, the children gave William and Kate a virtual flower bouquet.

The Cambridges Talked With Those At Casterton Primary Academy In Lancashire

The duo called Casterton Primary Academy in Lancashire couple from their Norfolk home, Anmer Hall. The children were being cared for by teachers who are taking care of them as their parents work in essential services including the medical and social care areas, grocery stores and delivery companies.

The couple extended gratitude to the staff for their efforts in these challenging times and inquired about the effect the Covid-19 pandemic is having on the kids.

But the youngsters were the real stars of the moment, thrilled to be speaking to William and Kate. The giggly bunch were surrounded by colorful artwork and William took the time to tell one, ‘I like your bunny ears.”

The Children Were Eager To Show Off Their Skills And Knowledge

As could be expected, the kids had tons of questions for the future king and queen. One asked, ‘What do you want to be called in 1,000 years time?” At a loss for words, Prince William laughed and said he didn’t think he could answer that.

Another one proudly told William that the, “first William was called William the Conquerer.”

William And Kate Handled Their First Official Video Call With Aplomb

For her part, Kate spoke to 10-year old Harris whose mom is an NHS administrator, and Lloyd, aged 9, whose mom works at a specialized school.

The Duchess asked their names, and said, “Very nice to meet you. I’m Catherine and this is William next to me. Are you holding up pictures of your mummies and daddies?”

Harris then replied: ‘This is a picture of my mum and she works for the NHS as an admin for the health visitors and I’m really proud of her.’

Afterward on staff shared that the call had been a pick-me-up for the staff and kids. ‘They just couldn’t believe it. It was just absolutely fantastic. They couldn’t believe their eyes,’ the teacher said.

“Last week we were still doing things like maths and other schoolwork. But this week we have been making a real effort to do some fun things.”