Kelly Kruger Is Only Thinking Positive Thoughts During Her Pregnancy

Kelly Kruger is putting things into perspective. The Young and the Restless star, who is expecting her first child with her partner Darin Brooks (Wyatt Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful) says that situation with her 17-year-old pug Maddy recently made her realize that there’s something very powerful when it comes to turning every negative thought into a positive one. At least, that’s what she wants to focus on for the rest of her pregnancy. Here’s what she has to say.

The beautiful blonde recently shared a new photo of herself on her Instagram account. And from what we can tell her baby bump is definitely growing! However, Kelly says that a terrifying situation with her dog Maddy has made her take a step back in order to take a better look at her life and all that’s important to her.

She wrote,

“Last week my little pug Maddy had a seizure. It was terrifying. We rushed her to the vet at 3am. I was devastated. She’s ok luckily cuz that dog is a warrior. Even the vet said she’s the strongest willed dog she has ever seen!! The reality of the situation hit me. Maddy is over 17 years old. I can’t think of a day where she’s not by my side cuddling me, following me around and begging for food. When I think about it I can easily break down at the thought. Or I can look at how damn lucky I am to have this time with her. to have had these years with her. To continue these things for as long as she can go.”

Kelly says that because of what happened, she’s decided to change the way she approaches some of the things in her life. She continued,

“So for that I am happy excited and grateful as opposed to scared, sad and depressed. Just a few thoughts to start your Monday off!!! It’s all about perspective. it’s not always easy but choose the good thoughts and choose to see the positives in all situations!”

Now those are words that we can definitely agree one. A positive mama is definitely a happy mama! What do you think? If you are feeling down or are not having a good day, how do you try to turn things around for you? Let us know!

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