Tips For Potty Training Twin Girls

Potty training is a difficult training and is double the trouble when you have twin girls. Dealing with kids of the same age who have different preferences, learning schedules, basically individual traits is what you’ll experience when it comes to potty training. Each of the twins will show separate signs at separate times. Do not push potty training on any of the girls. Let each of them have their own individual training since they also get to learn the art better through that. Here are some of the tips you ought to bear in mind:

  1. Preparation

Once the either or both of the twin girls show signs for potty training, then you should immediately let them know what they’re entering into. Use books that are detailed with illustrations for them to check it out, of course depending on their age.

  1. Take Your Time

Don’t try to squeeze in time to teach them how to use a potty. Check your calendar and secure time when you’re not under pressure to train them. Always ensure that you don’t encounter resistance. On the other hand, if you’re planning to move out, conduct the potty training once you move out.

  1. Use Rewards

Rewards are something precious to kids. Use these rewards to “bribe” your kids to try it one more time. Yeah, you heard me right, “bribe”; let’s be honest, that’s what’s happening.

Kids are able to relate something good to rewards and something bad to negative consequences. Find out what works for your kids and the moment they use the potty reward them. In fact, this will help them learn the art within a short period.

  1. It May Get Messy

Sadly, it may get messy. Why? They are learning how to use the potty. Wouldn’t you expect mistakes? Use those mistakes to help them learn what’s right.

Furthermore, stock up all your cleaning supplies so that once the mess occurs, you’re ready to address the mess. Don’t freak out! Keep your cool and always maintain a sense of humor.

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You’ll have to be a trainer – learning to keep cool and always encouraging your kids.


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