Serena Williams Opens Up About Her Surprise Pregnancy

Serena Williams Opens Up About Her Surprise PregnancyTennis ace Serena Williams is opening up about her surprise pregnancy. The tennis superstar is expecting her first child with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

In a new interview with Vanity Fair magazine, Serena says that she was so shocked to find out that she was pregnant that she took several pregnancy tests just to make sure. That’s because she was planning to still play on the court and continue her international winning streak.

She told the magazine, “(I) did a double take and my heart dropped. Like literally it dropped. ‘Oh my God, this can’t be — I’ve got to play a tournament. How am I going to play the Australian Open? I had planned on winning Wimbledon (her third straight) this year.’”

What’s more, she’s currently in her second trimester and still can’t believe that she’s pregnant and getting ready to become a mother. “It just doesn’t seem real. I don’t know why,” Serena said, adding, “‘Am I having a baby?’ I don’t know what to do with a baby. I have nothing… I’ve done absolutely nothing for the baby room.”

Alexis proposed to Serena back in December of 2016. So far the couple have not set a wedding date. Serena is expected to give birth later this summer.

More photos at Vanity Fair, HERE!

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