Tips for Taking Toddlers to Weddings

Tips for Taking Toddlers to Weddings

Kids love to play around. Of course, at their age discovering new things is kind of like their thing. They will move from place to place, touching stuff they aren’t supposed to, and just maybe disturb your colleagues or even worse start screaming and crying in your meeting with some work colleagues. All these activities are done so as to draw attention.

I know it can be nagging. But what happens when you have no nanny to take care of them at home? You simply have to go with them. So I thought of sharing some tips for taking toddlers to weddings. With these simple tips, you don’t have to worry about any fuzz as you go with your toddlers to weddings.  


Having Ava attend their first wedding would have turned to be a disaster if we hadn’t carried some food. Toddlers get hungry so fast. Daniel suggested that we pack some teddy grahams for her and that did the trick.

Despite their appetite, they tend to get sleep after a heavy snack time. That’s why baby strollers would be mandatory as it is much easier carrying your toddler.


Rose and Ella love to scream when they see something exciting. I tend to think that’s their super hero abilities. That made us cautious when attending their first wedding. I had to sit quite far back so that whenever they would scream, I’d make a quick exit. Of course, you wouldn’t want your kids to steal all the attention.

Position yourself near the back door just in case anything happens.


Ava has always been a very adventurous girl. As a toddler, she’ go everywhere once placed in a room. So, during her first time attendance to a wedding, we decided to buy a stroller and place her in it.

During the wedding, since I sat at the back, every time she began to cry I would push the stroller back and forth and this made her smile. It was a new experience for her.

Toddlers are fascinated by literally anything new. Therefore, if your toddlers are adventurous as Ava and her sisters get some stroller. It will save you all the shame of picking up your child as she’s walking towards the bride.


Since toddlers love them playing, before the end of the wedding it would be candid to go out with them in an open field nearby and let them have some fun. Bear in mind, exercise builds up the body of toddlers.

Nevertheless, this would depend on the age of the toddlers.

At the end of the day, Ava was so happy that she had gone together with us. She had had a chance to see a lot of people unlike before. As for Rose and Ella, this was a new experience for them to see how the world outside there was 🙂

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