How to Make a Birth Plan

Heard of a birth plan? Well, if you’re pregnant, this is a term you’ll hear often. A birth plan is a record of what you would like to happy when you’re in labor and after birth. However, in as much as you’d everything to work as you’d had figured out, be sure to know that you have to be flexible. Furthermore, different hospitals have their policies on how they expect childbirth to be. They have guides that have listed options.

That information turned out to be quite useful as it also allowed me to discuss some of the written policies with the provider. In fact, we had to tweak some of their options to almost line up with what I had in mind. I’ve listed some of the guidelines that helped me as I was making my birth plan:


What came out as a rude shock was the fact that some of the routine policies listed were not what I had intended for. So, once I had some rough idea of what I wanted, we had a talk with my provider and tweaked some options to line up with what I had in mind.

Furthermore, I found it wise to dedicate an entire page in case they’d be an uncomplicated birth and another page of how I’d want them to handle it.


Heard of the phrase, “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst?” Remember, anything could happen when you’re giving birth. Therefore, include phrases like, “If a cesarean operation must be done.” However, be confident and positive that all will turn out well. In addition, you have the right to ask for additional options from your provider.


As per the definition, a birth plan should have all the details of what should happen while giving birth and after. I remember my provider emphasizing on this because most people leave out the after birth activities. While planning for your birth plan, remember to include things like, “After birth, I’m hoping to have the baby near me. In addition, I’d love to have my baby covered in a warm blanket as the doctors conduct some evaluation.”

After you’re through, have the birth plan printed out and shared with respective practitioners who will help during childbirth. The birth plan gave me control of the activities happening during and afterward. Perhaps, you should consider having one.


How to Make a Birth Plan

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