Why Being A Mom is Awesome

Don’t get me wrong, when I first became a mother, I wasn’t quite sure how I’d cope. The truth, though it’s hard to admit, is that becoming a parent really changes who you are. You have this world of brand new responsibility. That in itself is enough to change your perspective on many, many things.

Still, even when things get tough with my little ones, I remember just one thing: Being a mom is actually awesome. Sure, it comes with its fair share of troubles, but what doesn’t? The point is, when I see a smile on one of my kid’s faces, it all seems worth it after all. Here’s why I am so very proud to be a mommy.

You get to relive your childhood moments

One of the best things about being a mom is that you get to watch your kids grow up. You get to see them experience all the things that you did when you were young. From their first time riding a bike to playing board games as a family, you get to enjoy every second of it. This is something I never honestly expected, but it’s fabulous.

You realize how strong you really are

It’s no great secret that being a parent can be tough. When the twins came along, I felt as though my workload went up more than I could ever imagine. If you’d asked me when I was younger if I could handle three little kids, I would have doubted myself. Since becoming a mom, though, I’ve realized that I’m seriously strong. I might not be superwoman, but I can tackle all the tantrums the little ones throw my way. No problem.

You get to see your kids change every day

Kids grow up so fast! If you blink, you might just miss it! Every day, it feels as though my babies grow up just a little more. I get to see their personalities change before my eyes as they start to become little versions of their adult selves. Discovering new things about them is as exciting for me as it is them.

You want to be the best version of yourself

I want my kids to look up to me and want to be just like me. What that means is that when I’m around them, I’m always the very best version of myself that I can be. I try my hardest to make sure that I show them the way forward and set an example. After all, that’s what mothers are there for.

The hardest days are still worth it

Sometimes, when I come home to find that my eldest is throwing a tantrum and the twins are crying for food, it’s honestly very tough. But, in these moments, I’m not mad about it at all. Raising kids is a struggle, but I know that every step of the way, is worth my time and efforts.

Your kids think you are the best person in the world

There’s one thing that I honestly know to be true: My kids look up to me every single day. To them, I really am a superhero; I have all the answers. When I see the way they look at me, it makes me feel like I’m the queen of the world. They are my everything – and I know that I am theirs.

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Why Being A Mom is Awesome

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