Finding The Hidden Mickeys in Walt Disney World

Finding The Hidden Mickeys in Walt Disney World

The first time I visited Walt Disney World with my husband Daniel, and our daughter Ava, I had absolutely no idea just how incredible it really was. Once you get past the amazing rides and the fantastic character interactions, there’s plenty of hidden secrets to explore too! Now, with my twins in tow, I’ve made a mission of tracking down at least some of the hidden Mickeys dotted around Disney.

For those who don’t know, Disney World has around 1000  located across various parks and resorts. From cleverly coiled ropes outside the boats docking at the magic kingdom, to a design on a carpet in the Yacht Club Resort – they’re literally everywhere!

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To help you get started with your own quest, me and my family have put together this list of quick tips about hidden mickeys in Walt Disney World.

1.   No-one Knows How Many There Are

Although estimates say that there are around a thousand of the hidden mickeys located across the parks – no-one knows for sure. I personally hope that there’s enough to keep me and my daughters searching for years to come, but the truth is that as attractions close down, new mickeys are added and old ones are destroyed.

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2.   The Giant Mickey

If you were lucky enough to fly above Hollywood studios in a helicopter, you’d notice that the whole park is in fact a giant hidden mickey. In other words, you’ve already got one of your Mickey’s tracked – now you just need to find the rest!

3.   A True Hidden Mickey

While there are plenty of decorations that use the iconic ears of Mickey Mouse to draw attention to the magic and wonder of Walt Disney World – they’re not all hidden mickeys. A true hidden mickey is not meant to be noticed immediately. Instead, you’re supposed to stare at the silhouette for a few moments before you recognize the mouse hidden in amongst the design.

Finding Hidden Mickeys is Tough

Though it’s a fun game for the whole family, and a way to add a touch of extra magic to your Disney experience, finding the hidden Mickeys is no small feat. In fact, there’s actually been a book written about where you can find certain Mickeys to help you tough-out the trail and tick off everyone. However, the book admits that there may be Mickeys out there that the author has yet to find!

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Finding The Hidden Mickeys in Walt Disney World

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