Throw a Halloween Kids Movie Bash

Throw a Halloween Kids Movie Bash

Halloween is packed with fun activities for kids. Some might not be a good fit or you might find yourself with a few extra kids while friends go out to a party.  If you’re looking for a fun safe and easy activity to keep kids busy look no further than your own house. Have fun and throw the Ultimate Halloween Kids Movie Bash!

Encourage dress up. Kids love looking for an excuse to wear their Halloween costumes. Encourage kids to arrive dressed up. Some kids may not have costumes yet but you can make it just as fun for them with some quick and easy face painting. You could even choose to have kids decorate simple paper masks for a little dress up fun.

First, you need a spooky space. Clear out tables, lamps, and hard or breakable items could get broken. Use from your room of choice. This will leave you room to build a comfy space. Go around the house gathering bean bags, cushy pillows, sleeping bags, anything to create an extra comfy space for everyone coming over.

If you can find one you can borrow or purchase a low-cost projector to create a movie screen perfect for your Halloween movie bash. A White sheet will turn any solid wall into a movie screen with a couple thumb tacks. For dark walls layer two white sheets.

Grab a few glow sticks and turn down the lights for a relaxing space. A couple small flashlights make a great way to light up walkways without lighting the whole room. If going late into the night keeping lights down is a great way to help keep kids calm and relaxed. Who knows some may take a nap.

Snacks are vital for a fun movie party without hearing kids complaining about being hungry. You can pull this off on two levels. Easy I don’t want to do much work and I am addicted to Pinterest level. For the first make up a bunch of popcorn filling large bowls that can be passed around or opt for small bowls and an easy topping bar packed with popcorn seasonings for each child to choose from. Order a couple pizzas and call it a night. If you would rather take it up a notch grab some basics to make some fun treats for the kids. S’mores are always a favorite, microwave for quick melting add some pretzel sticks for legs and you have s’more spiders.

Drinks can be made just as fun. Witches brew with soda and ice cream is always a hit. Think root beer float with ANY soda you want. Freezing water in a rubber glove makes an awesome alternative to ice cubes in the punch bowl. For a healthy option apple cider makes the perfect fall treat, you can warm it or serve cold.

You can’t have a Halloween movie bash without MOVIES! When picking the perfect movies you need to consider the age of your guests. Younger kids will love classics like Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. Older kids will love classics like Halloweentown, Twitches, Hocus Pocus, and even Harry Potter.