Rachel Zoe: Each Day is a Constant Struggle to Balance Work and Motherhood

Rachel Zoe: Each Day is a Constant Struggle to Balance Work and Motherhood

Rachel Zoe recently sat down with The Tot to open up about the demands of motherhood and her successful fashion career. 

The celebrity stylist recounts a typical day for her and her two sons, 5-year-old Skyler and 2-year-old Kaius

“My day starts when my five-year-old alarm clock wakes me between 5:30am and 6am. I grab Kaius from his crib and head down to make breakfast for my boys and pack lunch for Skyler. While the boys eat, I run upstairs and get ready, then drive Sky to school,” she says. Next she’ll head to the office. “Between editorial meetings for The Zoe Report, design meetings, curating products to include in the next Box of Style, no day at the office is ever the same. “I then grab Skyler from school and we are home for dinner, bath and bedtime.”

Does Zoe ever feel overwhelmed by the juggle of work and motherhood?

“Almost everyday, sometimes more than others,” she admits. “It is a constant struggle to balance work and motherhood. I try my best to be 100% present with whatever I’m doing. She also takes things one day at a time. “I have never been a big sleeper, so the issue of lack of sleep as a new parent wasn’t a shock to me. That being said, with the combination of work and motherhood… it is a whole new level or physical and emotional exhaustion. I run mostly on adrenalin and I’m driven by my passion for what I do. I just try to take one day at a time.”

Her best advice as a mom is to pick your battles.

“My mother always said to pick your battles. Choose what is important to be strict on, and know what to let go,” she says. 

Zoe is married to Rodger Berman.

The couple have been married for 20 years.

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet