Ivanka Trump Gives Birth to Son Theodore James Kushner

Ivanka trump son

Ivanka Trump gave birth to her son Theodore James Kushner, a baby boy on Sunday. The celebrity mom welcomed her third child on Easter. The tiny tot will be the little brother to Joseph Frederick, 2, and Arabella Rose, 4.

The daughter of Donald Trump proudly shared a photo of her sweet baby boy on social media. Trump caption the photo, “Jared and I feel incredibly blessed to announce the arrival of Theodore James Kushner. Baby Theodore. My heart is full. xx, Ivanka #grateful.”

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Before Ivanka officially announced her pregnancy in September, little Arabella couldn’t keep the secret. Arabella was so excited, she told her classmates and family. “Arabella [announced] to everyone I was pregnant prior to me announcing it to even my family. Her whole nursery school class was congratulating me,” Trump laughed.

The now a family of five, that means Ivanka’s celebrity father turned Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, is a grandpa for the eighth time! Donald told Fox and Friends, “he was born on Easter, so we have an Easter baby, which is beautiful.” Of course, there was a business factor. Three website names with different combinations of Ivanka Trump’s new baby boy moniker have been purchased.

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Looks like the Trump business machine is still alive and well!

What do you think of Ivanka’s new baby name? Do you have any unique or family names that you have passed along to your children? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Images Via Fame/Flynet and Twitter