Ivanka Trump: Ice Cream Date With Arabella

Ivanka Trump Shares Pictures of Arabella

Summer is for Ice cream! 

Ivanka Trump took to her Instagram to share a shot of her daughter Arabella indulging in an ice cream while enjoying a night out in New York City on Monday (July 7th). 

“Summer in the City #datenight #icecream,” the daughter of Donald Trump captioned the shot of the 2-year-old sitting on a park bench. 

In a recent interview, Trump admits being a working mom can be total chaos and balance is unachievable.

“When you have children and your child gets sick, well there goes your balance. You’re not going into work or in a professional context if a big deal comes up and it requires a lot of your attention for a short period of time, you know, I think rather than focus too heavily on balance which is, you know, largely unachievable, I really focus on priorities and making sure that my ownpriorities are in line with how I want to live my life,” she told Ireland AM.

Trump is also mom to son 8-month-old son Joseph.