Tia Mowry & Family Attend The Peanuts Movie Premiere

'The Peanuts Movie' Los Angeles Premiere

Tia Mowry, her husband Cory Hardrict and their son Cree attended the premiere of The Peanuts Movie at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, CA on Sunday (Nov. 1).

The Tia Mowry at Home host was dressed in a floral jacket over a black bodysuit and jeans. She smiled happily as her son affectionately hugged her. 

Mowry recently described how her and her twin sister Tamera‘s parenting styles differ.

“I’m less traditional than Tamera — she doesn’t co-sleep and I do. I also never pushed my son to walk and I won’t do ‘cry it out’ [sleep training]. Cree only started sleeping in his own bed when he was three and a half. My husband was fine with that. Tamara is more by the book, like my own mom who says, ‘Why does Cree still have a bottle in his mouth?’ I say, ‘Mom, he’s not going to college with a pacifier or co-sleep when he’s a teen.’ But Tamara and I give each other advice and learn from each other,” she told Yahoo! Parenting.  

Mowry and Hardrict married in 2008. They welcomed their son in 2011.
Image Credit: Fame/Flynet