Tips for Introducing Twins to an Older Sibling

Tips for Introducing Twins to an Older Sibling

Being pregnant with twins, I understand better than anyone that’s an exciting, but also a nerve-wracking time. As a parent, you have the big job of introducing the twins to an older sibling. My daughter is 4-years-old and is an only child, so I want her to be comfortable and happy with the idea of not getting one, but two siblings by the time they arrive. That’s why I have started introducing the twins to her before they’re even born.

Here are some of my tips for getting your single child ready to be a big sibling to twins. 

Invite the Older Sibling to an Ultra Sound

It can be tough to show an older sibling what “twins” are exactly. In order to make this an easy process, invite the older sibling to an ultra sound. While you’re getting the sonogram, your oldest child will be able to see the twins in action, moving and kicking. Explain to your oldest child what is going on and what will happen in a few months.

Let the Sibling Feel the Twins Kick

In order to prep the older sibling for the arrival of the twins, it’s important to integrate them into the process as much as possible. One tip is to allow the older sibling to feel the twins move whenever possible. When you feel the twins move, invite him or her over to feel the babies move. Get excited about the concept of having more babies in the house. What you get excited about, your kids also get excited about!

Show the Sibling Ultra Sound Pictures

If you aren’t allowed to have young children in an ultra sound room with you, show the pictures to the older sibling. It makes it real for them whenever they can see something. It’s a visual way to introduce them to the twins.

Get Pretend Twin Babies

Another great way to introduce an older sibling to the twin babies is to purchase twin babies before the real ones are born. Let the older sibling name the babies, and let them get really excited. Show them how to care for the babies, love on the babies, and get them involved as much as possible.

Hospital Time

After your babies have arrived, this is when all of your hard work pays off. You get to introduce the older sibling to the twin babies. Let them come into the hospital room with you (if it’s allowed) and one by one show them the babies. Tell them the twins’ names and that they will be coming home with you in just a few short days.

Some parents prefer to prep their other children for the arrival of new twins. It’s a process that is best started early. Not all kids love surprises, so this may not be information best left to adults only. When the time is right, start the introduction process, you will be glad you did!