How to Stay in Shape While Pregnant

How to Stay in Shape While Pregnant

Being pregnant with twins, I want to make sure I stay as healthy as possible during this pregnancy. My last pregnancy went okay, but knowing what I know now, I know I can really stay in shape this time around. Being a veteran preggo mama, I wanted to share some of my tips for staying in shape while pregnant.

Drink Lots of Water

Adding sugary drinks to your diet will only hinder your ability to stay in shape. While pregnant, try to drink as much water as you can. Drinking water helps to flush your body of toxins and it removes any bad things in your body. How great is that? Without adding extra calories to your body, you can help it stay in shape during your pregnancy!

Walk or Run

Some mamas love to run while pregnant, which is awesome. However, most of us prefer the steady pace of walking. Being active is one way to stay in shape while being pregnant. Walking or running helps your body to burn unwanted calories while you’re pregnant. Usually, burning extra calories is no problem, considering most pregnant moms love to eat (I know I do)!

Speaking of Calories

While eating chocolate cake every morning for breakfast is what womb service ordered, it’s not exactly going to go over well on the scale. Try to eat healthy when you can. It’s okay to say yes to a treat now and again, but remember if you want to keep your shape, you’ll have to say no to sugar more often than not.

Keep Your Stress Level Down

Stress is never good for anyone, especially pregnant women. One tip to staying in shape while pregnant is to keep your stress level down. Try to take a deep breath whenever you feel your body getting stressed out. Some women actually gain more weight because of stress, so if you’re one of those women, try to stay as relaxed as possible. You can always get way more done anyways, when you’re not stressing or freaking out.

Stay off the Couch

While there are times to relax, there are also times to be moving around. Just like we don’t want our kids sitting in front of the television all of the time, pregnant mamas should avoid this as well. Even if you’re just walking around your house, it’s still better to be moving than to be sitting.

Staying in shape while pregnant doesn’t take some magical pill or potion, it takes dedication. Watching what you put in your mouth and keeping that movement going are both key factors. What are some tips you have for staying in shape while pregnant?