7 Tips for Recovering from a C-Section

7 Tips for Recovering from a C-Section

There’s nothing quite like trying to recover from a scheduled or emergency c-section. There’s no way around the pain that comes with having a c-section, but there are things you can do to make recovering from a c-section a little easier. Check out these seven tips for recovering from a c-section. 

1. Have Lots of Help on Hand

Every mother knows that getting “help” can be hard, but after you’ve had a c-section it’s important to have extra help around the house. Considering you cannot lift or move around too much, this is a tip to not ignore.

2. Prep as Much as Possible Beforehand

Before you go in for your c-section, make sure you prep as much as you can beforehand. Try to have extra food in the house and freezer, so the family can fend for themselves. Also, get as much organizing done as possible before your c-section because it will be hard to bend over and move for a while.

3. Have a “Mother & Baby” Spot Ready

Whether you are bottle feeding or nursing, it will be tough to get up and down like you were able to before. Ensure you have everything you need in one spot of the house. Choose a spot where you’ll most likely be spending most of your time over the next few weeks. 

4. Don’t be Afraid to Call Your Doctor

C-sections can be tough to recover from, but knowing your doctor is just a phone call away is very relieving. If you feel as though something doesn’t feel right, do not hesitate to call your doctor. 

5. Have Someone to Talk To

C-sections may be a physical barrier to overcome, but they can also be an emotional barrier. Reaching out to someone who has gone through a c-section before is one way to help yourself heal emotionally. No matter how you feel, having someone to listen to you is always a relief. 

6. Take it Easy

When it comes to c-sections, recovery does take some time. Your doctor will give you limitations and it’s important to follow those limitations. A big tip for recovering on time is to take it easy. You won’t be able to jump back into everything right away, so it’s important to take your time easing back into it all. 

7. Get Moving When Doc Says It’s Okay

After you’ve gotten the okay from your doctor to start moving around, start moving around. Walking is one way you can start feeling better about your body and the shape it’s in. Even though you might feel like you can run a marathon, it’s probably not a good idea. 

What are some tips you have for recovering from a c-section?

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