10 Things Every New Mom Must Do Before She Gives Birth


Is childbirth right around the corner for you? There are always a million and one things to do before a mom gives birth; however, some of these “things” rank higher above the others. Check out these ten things that every new mom must do before she gives birth.

Birth plan

Every new mom needs to figure out her birth plan before she heads to the hospital. Keep in mind that birth plans don’t always go as planned, but having a written arrangement of what you want is important.

Pack her bags

Don’t get in such a rush to pack baby’s bag that you forget to pack your own. Make sure you have plenty of comfortable clothes on your back to help make your hospital stay relaxed.

Pack baby’s bags

When packing your baby’s bags, worry about clothing and less about diapers and wipes. Most hospitals have those items already and only take up precious room in the baby’s bag.

Shop for last minute items

Make a list of items you want to grab before the baby comes. Because after your baby is here, you’ll have a harder time remember what you needed from the store and getting there is a little more difficult.

Have a few meals prepped

Prepping a few meals before the baby comes is a smart idea. The last thing you’ll want to worry about is what you will make for dinner your first couple of nights home.

Make sure backup help is in place

Have a list of people you can call, just in case you need an extra set of hands. Extra help is always appreciated, so it’s best to know who is available to help you.

Enjoy a few naps and uninterrupted sleep

Your sleep schedule will never be like it once was. Take the time to enjoy a few naps, and your uninterrupted sleep before baby gets here!

Enjoy the house for a few hours with no one in it

Although the giggles and laughs of a baby are precious, that home of yours will never be kid free again. Enjoy a few hours in your quiet house before you welcome your new baby into it.

Talk on the phone uninterrupted

Just think, after you have a baby, an uninterrupted phone call may be hard to come by. Enjoy your conversations as much as possible.

Take a few selfies of her baby bump to remember for years to come

Don’t miss out on what it felt or looked like to be pregnant with your precious one. Take a few pictures to help you remember exactly how you looked and felt.

Write down how she’s feeling now

Keep a journal of everything you are feeling at this moment before baby comes. You’ll treasure these memories as time goes on.