Spring Cleaning Tips For Busy Moms

Spring Cleaning Tips For Busy Moms

It’s that time of year again when purging closets and wiping down walls is tops on the list. These Spring Cleaning Tips For Busy Moms are sure to make this easier and more productive for your family.  A few simple cleaning hacks, and you’ll find your home sparkling. 


Clean one room at a time.  Instead of tackling all of your cleaning on one day, do one room at a time over the course of a week or two.  This will break things down and make them more manageable.  

Make lists for each room.  Before you get started with spring cleaning, grab a note pad and go room to room making lists.  List out the things you want to do in each room (dust, baseboards, rearrange, purge items).  Follow this list as you work through your home to make sure you don’t miss anything. 

Purge anything that hasn’t been used in one year.  This goes for clothing, toys, kitchen utensils and even video games. Go through everything in your home and purge things that aren’t being used, don’t fit or happen to be broken.  Some items will be kept for annual use (holiday needs), and others may be for sentimental reasons (baby clothes).  Overall however, you should be able to purge some unnecessary items from your home during the spring cleaning process. 

Use old socks without mates for dusting.  You know all of those socks that end up without a mate after you do laundry?  This is the time to grab those and put them to use for cleaning.  Put socks over little ones hands and spray lightly with a cleanser.  Use them to wipe off counters, cabinets, shelving or even walls.  Attach them to your swiffer or broom to clean off ceiling fans.  

Get kids involved.  Kids can help you with everything from hauling trash out, to dusting lower shelves.  Spring cleaning isn’t just for mom to handle.  Get the whole family involved in one aspect or another.  Have kids sort their clothing and toys, or help you with moving things around and dusting.  

Use essential oils in cleaning.  One of our favorite spring cleaning tips for busy moms is to use essential oils in cleaning.  The right blend of things like lemon, orange and lavender can really brighten your home and make it smell wonderful.  These are great for making homemade cleaners, but also for invigorating your to keep going.  Eucalyptus is another wonderful bright scent that can give you energy to clean. 

These spring cleaning tips for busy moms are sure to help you get your home in top order in no time.  Focus on each room individually to make the most of your time cleaning.  Get the whole family involved and spring cleaning will fly by in no time.