Disney’s Frozen Inspired Sparkling Snow Wand

Disney’s Frozen Inspired Sparkling Snow Wands #Frozen #FrozenParty

If you are throwing a Frozen themed party, you will want the perfect accessories on hand. These Frozen inspired sparkling snow wands are the perfect Frozen themed craft that your little princesses will love to tote around. They are simple to make and quite inexpensive as well. Take a peek below at how you can get started on crafting your own. You will be casting snowy spells in no time!

Supplies needed

Blue paper straws
Blue striped scrapbook paper
Blue glitter
Craft glue

We found everything we needed at our local craft store. Michael’s has packages of blue striped straws in their dollar section for just $1 per package. You can also find glitter, paper, even the scissors and glue if you need it for a reasonable cost.


Begin by creating the stars that will go on the end of your straws. We just did ours by free hand, but if you have younger children you may wish to provide a stencil for them. Use a pencil to trace a star for them to cut out or even have the cut outs ready for them.

Use a q-tip or your finger to apply a thin layer of glue to the star.

Sprinkle the star generously with glitter. After a minute or so, gently shake the star to remove any excess glitter. (Can you ever have too much glitter? Probably not!)

Once the star is dry, apply some glue to the back of it and press it to your straw.

Once the entire sparkling snow wand is dry, you are all ready to go! Or should I say “let it go?” Either way, these sparkling snow wands are the perfect craft for little princesses wanting to get into the Frozen spirit. Give them a try!

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