How To Love Your Pregnancy Body

Beautiful pregnant woman with spring flowers outdoor

The day you see those lines appear on your pregnancy test, changes everything about who you are. Your excitement is through the roof, but the closer you reach your due date, the harder it can be for some to cope with the changes their body is going through. Here are some great ways for you to know How To Love Your Pregnancy Body.

While it is a beautiful thing to see and feel happening, some women struggle with self esteem during this time. For those with existing weight issues, added weight gain can be frustrating. For those who have never been overweight, seeing their previously fit body transformed into a larger and more cumbersome physique can be startling. These tips will help to make those changes something to be proud of rather than feel shame for. 


Take Maternity Photos: This is a great way to refocus your mind to see how beautiful you are. Find a great local photographer who will take some tasteful maternity pictures with you. These will showcase your growing belly and remind you of the beautiful life you are creating. Plus some skillful editing can help reduce the view of the stretch marks you may be frustrated over, and prove to you that you are indeed beautiful.

Listen To Your Partner: If you have a loving and supportive partner who is telling you how beautiful you are – listen to them. We, as women often ignore the words of love and adoration by our lovers. We get hung up on little blemishes, a few extra inches and many other insignificant things. Reality is that your partner loves every part of you. In fact, it is very common for them to see you as even more beautiful and desirable when pregnant due to knowing what is happening and how the two of you created that child.

Regularly Pamper Yourself: What makes you feel good about yourself? A new outfit? Getting your hair styled? Going for a makeover at the makeup counter? Perhaps it’s a manicure or pedicure you are desiring? Take time to regularly pamper yourself to boost your self esteem and self love.

Learn About Why Your Body Makes Certain Changes: Sometimes educating yourself on why stretch marks happen, why there is a dark line on your belly, or why you need to gain any weight will help you to understand more what is happening with your body. It can also give you education on how to lose the weight, reduce the blemishes and recover back to what you want your body to look like post pregnancy.

To feel better about yourself during pregnancy, you really need to embrace what your body is doing. Look beyond the physical changes in yourself, and see what your body is creating. The new life inside you is well worth the few scars and pains you will feel during these 9 months. Learn how to love your pregnancy body, by embracing what it represents.