Keep Your Youngster Happy With Heinz Little Kids Snacks

Keep Your Youngster Happy With Heinz Baby Snacks

Like a lot of young children, my 3-year-old daughter, Ava, can be a picky eater! The best way to get her to eat more is to give her three meals a day and two small snacks. Giving two snacks a day can be challenging, so I’m always trying to find new snack ideas to keep her interested.

Keep Your Youngster Happy With Heinz Baby Snacks

To make snack time easier, Heinz Baby has a whole line of nutritious Little Kids snacks for children between the ages of one and four years. Preparing baby food in Canada since 1934, Heinz Baby recently added Oatmeal Banana & Greek Yogurt bars to there Little Kids snacks. Not only are the oatmeal bars made with whole grain, but they’re an excellent source of 11 essential nutrients including iron & calcium. The bars are made with no fillers, artificial flavours, gluten free and no sugars and salts added. They’re also triple tested for quality, safety and nutrition in accordance with the company’s Purity Assurance Program.

The most important thing about snacks is if they taste good! So, I put one of the oatmeal bars to the test with my daughter during one of her snack times! I was happy to see that Ava enjoyed the oatmeal bar just as much as the other Heinz Little Kids snacks. The bar mostly consists of grains and just a tiny bit of jam, so it’s not too sweet. I also enjoyed how the size of the bar is not as big as adult sized oatmeal bars, which makes it much easier for young children to hold. The oatmeal bar also breaks up into small pieces to ensure safe feeding. 

Heinz Little Kids Snacks

Other Heinz Little Kids Snacks include:

Heinz Little Kids Squeezable Fruit Pouches (Variety of flavors)
Heinz Little Kids Biscuits
Heinz Little Kids Cereal Bars

The new Heinz Little Kids Oatmeal Banana & Greek Yogurt Bars and other snacks can be purchased at grocery stores around Canada. 

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