Tips To Having an All Natural Birth

Tips To Having an All Natural Birth

All natural births seem to be the newest craze, but for many people it is just the way they feel comfortable giving birth to their new bundle of joy. It has been done for generations, so having a natural birth should seem like an easy thing to accomplish, but with today’s technology that isn’t always so. If you want to have an all natural birth, follow these tips to help you make that happen. 

Do your research 

Knowing all you can about a natural birth is the best way to have one. You will be well-informed on your rights and what to expect from your body and your medical team. This will also help you to determine what you want from your natural birth. What techniques will you use to help ease pain? What happens if you need a little help progressing with labor? Research every aspect of pregnancy, labor, birth, and post natal care (as well as care for your infant) and you will be able to build the best plan for yourself and your child. 

Make a birth plan 

Once you have determined all of these things, make a birth plan with your wants and needs. Bring a printed copy with you to your medial provider and discuss them so that they are aware of what you expect, and so that they can tell you if some things are not possible and why. Use this opportunity to tweak your plan to make it safe and perfect for you. When you have your plan lined out, leave a copy with your provider and bring a copy with you to the labor and delivery room in your hospital bag so that you can have it handy in case you need to show it to any of the nurses or doctors on call when you are in labor. 

Use visuals

While in labor, use visuals- including your birth plan- to keep you on track so that you can remember the ways you want to proceed with your labor and birth. When you feel like you want to give up on the whole process, this will be the best way to keep you on track. 

Have support

Whether your labor is medicated, all modern, or all natural- you will need support. Labor and birth is a long, draining, and emotional process and the more support you have the better you and the baby will be. Support for your spouse, your family, and even the medical team will help you have the best birth possible, so make sure everyone is on board with what you want and need, and tell them what you want and need from them to make it happen. 

Remain calm 

If anything comes up, talk to your doctor, make a plan, and remain calm as you do it. No matter what, remain calm and think about the end result- a happy and healthy baby and mom! That’s the goal and it’s the one that is most important.