Getting a Toddler To Bed

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Are you losing the night time battle to get your little one to bed? Would the video above be a little funnier if it wasn’t your life?

Most parents agree – routine is key, especially if you find yourself trying to persuade your little one to doze off at a reasonable hour. The trick is to set and stick to a routine that your toddler knows (without you having to say it) leads to bedtime. Eventually these prep activities will not just get them ready for bed, but will start to slow them down.

Your routine could include a warm bath, reading a book, singing a lullaby and watching their favourite show – (although tv right before you expect them to sleep is not a good idea – remember, it’s about steps that should start early on in the evening to wind things down). 

A change of diaper and clean pjs sets a comfy scene, as does a cozy sleeping space with their favourite blanket and plush toy. Music often works as a sleep inducing trigger. Over time, it may get them to sleep faster, so start playing some lullaby music in the background when things are really settling down. 



Try getting ready for bed with them, even if you only wash up and brush your teeth together. Being part of the routine will make them want to be a part of it and not feel like they are missing out. 

A nightlight helps to create a relaxing ambience and will help any little ones afraid of the dark. 

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The trick really is to stick it out and establish the routine for any of the steps to become sleep inducing triggers. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all magical solution – it will take some breaking in. Your kids will start to feel that childhood, warm nighttime feeling of drifting off into dream land – it just takes a little work to get there. 

And before you know it – they’ll be this little guy. 

Photo Credit: Main Image – iStock