Watch: Excited Kids Find out Mom is Pregnant

Two Denver children scored a huge surprise from the Easter bunny this year when they cracked open their eggs – Mommy is having another baby!

3 year old Ethan and his 6 year old sister Faithlyn, weren’t sure what to make of the ultrasound pictures tucked away in their eggs. The anxious duo were just told that inside they would find something they always wanted – and their reaction is sweet as pie.

Colorado pastors Jacob and Hannah Ouellette‘s big news is met with excited squeals, giggles and hugs – really the best reaction a parent could hope for.

Processing the news, Faithlyn asks mom to clarify:

You’re having a baby in your tummy right now?

Mom, Hannah replies:

You’re going to have another brother or sister. Another one!

But it’s Faithlyn’s final comment that perfectly captures the mood:

Oh my God, I can’t thank you enough!

Proud father, Jacob told ABC News:

She’s just a really expressive girl. The way she has the biggest smile on her face, almost with tears in her eyes, she’s just such a happy, happy girl.

The soon-to-be mother of 3 told GMA:

They’re so excited about it. Everywhere we go, they’re talking about it all the time.