Modern Family Recap For March 5th, 2014: Season 5 Episode 16 “Spring-A-Ding-Fling” #ModernFamily

Modern Family Recap For March 5th, 2014: Season 5 Episode 16 “Spring-A-Ding-Fling” #ModernFamily

Our favorite television show Modern Family continues tonight with a new episode called, “Spring-A-Ding-Fling.”  On last week’s episode  Phil was upset to have lost his elected office of social chair to his nemesis Gil Thorpe, and when he found out Luke was competing against Gil’s kid in a wrestling match, it became his own personal battle.

Claire was nervous for a big client meeting but things got extra hairy when Mitch and Cam asked her to pick up Lily from school and conveniently left out the fact that her class just had a lice scare. Elsewhere, Gloria chaperoned Manny’s school field trip to the museum.  Did you watch last week’s two-hour season premiere?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Cameron is in charge of the school’s big spring dance, but when a popular teacher returns from sabbatical, a bit of not-so-friendly competition blooms. And with Claire on chaperone duty at the dance, Phil gets Haley to accompany him to his annual realtor’s banquet and is looking forward to impressing his little girl. Elsewhere, Mitch starts a new job and can’t seem to get a good read on the new boss or the work environment. Jay and Gloria babysit Lily and an accident with Gloria’s purse ignites a case of whodunit and it’s Lily’s word against baby Joe’s.

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode with all the up-to-the-minute details.   So come back at 9PM EST and spend the evening with us.  Make sure to refresh often to get the latest updates!