Kids Re-enact 2014 Oscar Best Picture Nominees

The internet is abuzz with the Oscar results  – what people wore, won and said. Millions of people tuned in to root for their favourites and to get clued into what to watch next. But no one got more into the Oscar spirit than this group of talented kids acting out scenes from this year’s top cinema picks. 

The kids get into character with props, wigs and moustaches and overtake our favourite clips including Mathew McConaughey’s chest-pounding routine from the Wolf of Wall Street. 

In a scene from Gravity, a junior George Clooney tells a young Sandra Bullock to let him float off into space. “You have to let go,” he says. “Why?” she asks. Little Clooney replies, “It’s the theme of the movie.”

Check out memorable scene from Captain Phillips, Gravity, Her, American Hustle, 12 Years a Slave, The Wolf of Wall Street, Nebraska, and Dallas Buyers Club. Philomena is notably left out, because as the young actors admit – they just haven’t seen it.