Disney Reveals ‘Maleficent’ Movie Twist

disney maleficent movie

Disney has been releasing a steady stream of teasing campaigns to whet your appetite for the reboot of the classic, ‘Sleeping Beauty‘ tale. This isn’t just any twist, the story details the villain’s descent into evil.

It has already been revealed that the goal of this retelling was to find out what exactly happened to Maleficent that caused her to seek vengeance with such vigor. The be-horned beauty’s story details the events that hardened the her heart and drove her to curse young Princess Aurora.

Today, Disney took things a step further revealing that Maleficent had wings…once. In the clip seen below, we get the first look of Maleficent flying. She has two black, but almost angelic, wings with long, billowy feathers and two hooks at their folded peaks.

It is clear that a betrayal of some sort no plays together with the story of her wings, but exactly what happened still remains a mystery. The mini-trailer is cut short, but promises a longer look soon. Audiences will have to wait one more day to see the full trailer which, we all hope, reveals more stunning details.

The addition of wings and the dialogue in the clip also convey the fact that she isn’t a sorceress or witch…but a fairy. How do you steal a fairy’s wings? I am not sure, but she is bringing havoc to a kingdom in her anger.

The film releases in theaters May 30, 2014.

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