New Baby Product Alert: The Snugglebundl

snugglebundl-[2]-156-pSnugglebundl is the latest neat baby product that you never knew you needed – until now.  The innovative baby wrap is the first that lets you lift, wrap, cradle, snuggle and wear.

All parents know how difficult it is, when you eventually get your baby to sleep in your arms, to them lay them down without waking them. This can be especially difficult if you suffer from a bad back or are recovering after the birth. Snugglebundl allows you to simply take the handles and lay the baby down gently with a straight back. If the baby stirs, you can gently rock them back to sleep.

Snugglebundl also makes a great breastfeeding cover and allows you to move a sleeping baby out of car seats without waking them – all while fully supporting their head, neck and body as you move them.

Dave Solomons came up with the idea with his wife based on his own experience as a father.

He said:

When my daughter was born, my wife had complications and ended up with quite a lot of difficulty walking and there was a lot of bending and picking up the baby involved.

I had back problems too, so we were both a bit decrepit. It was awkward, so we used to lay her on a blanket and pick up the corners like a stork’s bundle and bring her into our arms without bending over.

You can check out the Snugglebundl site here for details, videos on what people are saying and information about you can get one.