Five Fun Ways to Announce Your Baby’s Name


With pregnancy comes lots of opportunity for celebration – and announcing your baby’s name is another way that new parents are getting creative and having fun with.

Here are some ideas to get you going!

Personalized Mementos

There is nothing more popular than saying it with sweets. Customized treats are just a click away – order personalised M&Ms or chocolate bar wrappers, or write it in icing on cupcakes and cookies at a family gathering.


Social Media 

Go Hollywood and announce your new heir to the masses. Post a fun pic with the announcement and get the thumbs up from friends near and far.


Send a Picture 

Take a fun snap with your baby’s name spelled out and send it out as a nice surprise. Get a sibling to pose with a tshirt saying “Jacob’s brother” or make use of those pregnancy snaps.


Send an online Birth Announcement 

This can be a lot of fun and there is room for creativity – create a short video with music. Go for a Movie Preview theme, use the 1 Second a Day App, clip together highlights of your family or pregnancy, use a movie theme you all enjoy as a family, or keep it simple and personal.

Unveil your Baby Nursery

Incorporate your baby’s name into your nursery decor. Hang letters on the wall or have something nice framed. Invite friends and family over for an informal gathering to check out the nursery and voila!