Keith Urban’s Daughters Possible Future Country Stars

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All you country lovers and Urbanites out there rejoice! It seems that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban‘s daughters Faith Margaret, 3, and Sunday Rose, 5, might have inherited a bit of the musical gene from their country mega star daddy and American Idol host. When asked upon the possibility of his daughters following in his footsteps, the proud daddy said:

“I think Faith might be, our little 3-year-old,” said he. “She likes ‘Fifi,’ so we call her Fifi now,” and Fifi has now become Faith’s new “stage name”. “Sunday, our older one, she sings all the time too,” added the country daddy. “So who knows.” Will Keith Urban encourage his daughters to follow in his footsteps? “Absolutely, if they’re really good at it and that’s what they want to do, I’d encourage them to work at it,” said the daddy of two.

The parents are not going to push any one path upon their children, instead they will focus their energy wherever their daughters’ qualities guide them. Obviously the right parental method though it wouldn’t surprise anyone to hear of either Faith or Sunday as a country or movie star in about 20 years or so. Kidman reiterated that in regards to the best method to raise her children, she will let the girls discover themselves first: “Whatever they show an aptitude for and a passion for, they just have to work at it,” the Aussie-raised superstar added Monday. “No matter what they do.”