Save on Stylish Clothing For Your Teen This Holiday Season #HolidayDiscounts


The holiday season is around the corner which means a lot of different things. You get to spend quality time with your loved ones, enjoy amazing food and give each other gifts. What could be better?

We often forget how expensive this time of the year can be and are only reminded in the aftermath of all the tore up wrapping paper. Once we look at our bank accounts and credit card statements, the grim reality of what really happened over the past couple of weeks reels in its unwanted ugly head. Buying stuff is fun while thinking too much about money is not so much fun and that’s why you can easily break the bank if you don’t make wise buying choices.

This is especially true when you are a parent to a teenager. They’re always on top of all the latest trends which has the effect of drying up mommy and daddy’s bank accounts pretty quickly. Every parent with a teenager knows that they have an endless list wants and have zero problems asking! From the latest gadgets to clothing styles, your bank account can take a pounding during the holiday season.

TeenScreen, the the place to find the latest cool schwag and hottest trends for teens, is trying to help make your life easier this holiday season by offering amazing discounts. This can mean the difference between a third round KO or a come from behind decision victory for you bank account. At the moment, they’re offering parents the chance to save 45% off of the latest clothing from PacSun. That’s almost half the price cut right off!


What parent doesn’t like saving? Not quite sure I can wrap my head around the mere concept of a parent that doesn’t care about savings!

PacSun is a trend-setting brand rooted in the youth oriented culture and lifestyle of California. Teens love the amazing diversity and unique sense of adventure that their California style offers. The brand also represents a multitude of popular surf brands like Fox clothing, RVCA, Billabong, Vans and much more.

Here are some of our favorite clothing pieces for this holiday season.


Don’t forget to claim your discount codes here.

What styles do you like this holiday season? What type of styles are your teens asking for this season?

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