Made With Love: Cute & Creative DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Gifts

Extravagant celebrity baby shower bashes in the past few years have had an expensive impact. In some circles, baby showers came with added pressure and a hefty price tag. Giving at showers became obligatory and even competitive.

A spokeswoman for Tiffany said:

The first few times we were asked to set up lists, it was all about baby porringers [porridge bowls] and sterling silver piggy banks, but now the lists include celebration jewellery for mothers and, most recently, engraved key rings and cufflinks for the new father.

Consultants from other luxury brands reflected similar trends with shower lists that included everything from crystal picture frames to thousand dollar prams.

The celebration, warmth, fun – heck, the baby part of it all seemed to be lost in a culture focused on expensive shiny things, and a contest of who could up the gift-giving-ante. That is why the popular DIY, hipster-friendly, creative, fun, crafty and  personalised party trend is so refreshing.

Don’t get me wrong – baby shower gifts (even the big, pricey ones) are wonderful. They reflect the spirit of coming together to embrace a new family, celebrate new life, help ease the financial strains of a new baby, and show support – for friends, cousins, sisters, nieces. And not to overlook the good it does for new families, single parents and women who are working up until their due date.

So if you are looking for a personal touch for a baby shower gift, here are some ideas (& tutorials!) for the main feature or a little something on the side. All the options are easy and creative things to put together with your own hands and contribute to creating a special, personalised (and down to earth) occasion.

Baby Flower Headbands come in all sorts of colours and band options – try this tutorial for a super stretchy band that is super easy to put together.

For a gift that looks good enough to eat, get creative with the presentation of adorable Cupcake Onesies .

Baby Shower Onesie Bouquet looks sophisticated and fresh. Mix it with faux flowers for a full effect.

 A Knit Baby Blanket is a favourite that will be cherished for years. Try this beginners How-To video to get you started.

DIY Baby Shower Gifts - Knit Blankets

Decoupage Baby Hangers for a gift that’s all about the details – not the fuss.

Baby Washcloth Cones  – Ice cream cones that scream summer fun – add to a sand bucket and accessories for an extra cool treat.

Baby Washcloth Peapods – cute & simple.

Bassinet Diaper Cake  is a great alternative to the classic diaper cake.

Diaper Caterpillar as a simpler diaper cake alternative.

Diaper Toolbox for Mom or Dad.

Baby Washcloth Bouquets

Choose your prints and make these personalised Baby Hats with a simple tutorial.


Washcloth Peapod and Peas


Personalised Name Frame


Barefoot Baby Sandals


These Baby Boots are made for walking (and crawling) – beginner’s, don’t be afraid, check out this easy tutorial.

DIY Baby Shower Gifts - Baby Booties

Survival Kit for New Parents

DIY Baby Shower Gifts - New Mommy Survival Kit

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