Jennifer Garner Promotes New Early Education Bill

Jennifer Garner Picks Up Her Morning Coffee

Jennifer Garner went to Washington, D.C. on November 13th, 2013 to address U.S. politicians about the importance of early education programmes.  Jennifer had this to say about the the initiative,  “My kids have everything they need, so what I give my heart to – besides parenting my own kids – is early childhood education for kids all across America, especially for those growing up with less.”

Jennifer joined Senator Tom Harkin and Education Secretary Arne Duncan on Capitol Hill as they championed The Strong Start for America’s Children Act, a new bill aimed at expanding and improving access to pre-school activities.

Speaking to CNN, Jennifer said, “The playing field for kids in America is not equal. Without starting from the very beginning and getting an earlier start on their education, they have very little chance of catching up if they start as far behind as they’re starting in kindergarten.”

Jennifer is married to fellow actor Ben Affleck for either years and they have three children together: seven-year-old Violet; four-year-old Seraphina; and one-year-old Samuel.

I love Jennifer she is always championing  what she believes in.  She recently fought for a law that was passed in California that sought to shield celebrity children from paparazzi.