5 Super Stylish Moms to Follow On Instagram


Maternity Fashion Inspiration is at the tip of your fingers.

Frumpy pregnancies no more – women are taking to social media to celebrate their changing bodies and reclaim the confidence of their gorgeous curves. Check out these fabulous women on instagram for inspiration on how to feel your best while rocking your bump.

Tanesha Awasthi  is already The source of fashion inspiration for curvy women worldwide. Now that she’s pregnant – and has her own clothing line – she is at the top of her game – and our list of stylish moms to follow. Check her out @girlwithcurves for everyday, glam and professional style ideas, as well as beauty tips and an extra boost of confidence that will make you love the skin you’re in.

Erin Elizabeth is a navy wife determined to help pregnant women look good – without having to spend a lot of money. Her looks are modern, fun and affordable. Join her 11,000+ followers @Erinlizpono to get her secret on how to feel good by looking great.

@mateoandmommy is the blog your baby-bumping-fashionista heart has been waiting for. Find some great inspiration for every season, see how this beautiful mama styles classic vintage coats, her man’s flannel shirts, great accessories and even her stylish little man, Mateo.

Ari Zapata is not just gorgeous, glowing and stylish – she’s also a professional photographer. The funky mom-to-be showcases her different looks to over 6,600 followers. Check her out @ari_says.

@Mrstorimiro is the instagram account of the stunning pharmacist, Cellina, who also happens to love sewing and have a flair for prints. You won’t be able to get enough of her pregnancy inspiration or the snaps of her super-stylish family.

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