Jennifer Hudson Is Teaching Her Son Healthy Eating Habits

Jennifer Hudson Is Teaching Her Son Healthy Eating Habits

Jennifer Hudson has transformed herself, since becoming a celebrity spokesperson for Weight Watchers.  Since 2010, Jennifer has lost an impressive 80-plus pounds.  Jennifer gave birth to her son,  David Daniel Otunga, Jr. in 2009 with fiance professional wrestler David Otunga.

Now Jennifer is passing on her tips to healthy eating habits to her son, David Jr.  Jennifer gave Momfeeds the scoop on three methods she is using. Jennifer gives David Jr. choices. “Really, everyone loves choices. One of my favorite tricks is the fruit bowl. In fact, when I travel for work—which is often—I make sure that there’s a fruit bowl waiting for us at the hotel.”

Jennifer and her fiance make excising fun: “I’m the first to admit it: I don’t love working out. But I do love spending time with my fiancé  and son. So we go out for walks and we play a lot of basketball together.”

Rather than eat prepared foods they make food together: “Sometimes instead of ordering out, we make our own pizza together. We always have a lot of veggies for toppings, so he can be creative and try new vegetables in a fun, interesting way.”

Certainly great tips!  Celeb Moms are not different than you and I.  I try to pass along a healthy life style to my daughter Ava too.  My daughter and I go to the park regularly, we play games and throw the ball and Ava loves doing it.  We have fun exercising.

We also try not to eat prepared foods.  My husband, Ava and I try to prepare our dinners together – we make it a family event and we have a lot of laughs.  Ava loves grabbing bites as we prepare our dinner.

Jennifer Hudson Is Teaching Her Son Healthy Eating Habits

Ava regularly helps in all the food preparation.  Who knows, maybe some day my little 2-year-old may be a Chef 🙂