The Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

Experts agree – regular exercise can go a long way during pregnancy. Why, you ask? Here are a few great reasons to stay active in the coming months.

More energy! This is especially important if being pregnant has left you feeling drained. Strengthening your cardiovascular system will increase your stamina. Stronger muscles will also need less energy to complete any activity.

A little extra comfort. You’ll have an easier time adapting to your changing body.

Relief. Not only will physical activity prepare your body for labour, stretching and strengthening your muscles will help you cope with aches and pains, boost your circulation, combat varicose veins and alleviate pressure on your joints.

Sleep better. Exercise will help your body work off any excess energy and make for a more restful sleep.

That Happy Feeling. Exercise should be about doing something you like, spending some time outdoors, or having fun with a friend. You’ll have something to look forward to for the pure pleasure of it.

Endorphins. Exercise can boost your mood through the release of endorphins. Some studies even suggest that a mother’s endorphin levels can affect the level of endorphins the baby is receiving, providing relief during birth. Other studies link endorphin levels with the baby’s physical and emotional development, and even in mother-baby bonding.

Future-You will thank you. Staying active throughout your pregnancy will make it easier to bounce back once the baby is born.

Being pregnant doesn’t have to slow you down. If you were quite fit before, you should be able to carry on doing the activities you love, within your body’s limits. If you weren’t that active before pregnancy, it’s not advised that you take up vigorous exercise. Always consult with your doctor about what approach to being active is best for you.

Be sure to share what pregnancy exercises work for you and how it helps, in the comments below!