Sandra Bullock: Louis Has Shifted My Priorities 1000 Percent!

'The Heat' New York Premiere

Sandra Bullock admits her 3-year-old son, Louis whom she calls her ‘dream man’ has made her life complete.

My son Louis has shifted my priorities 1000 percent!” Bullock tells German newspaper Bild. “I have achieved everything through either hard work or luck. When Louis came along I had nothing. I still would have dreamed, but now he is my only dream, to grow old with my son. I will love it to watch him grow. Every day when I wake up, I say that to myself.”

The Heat actress is much more relaxed and balanced now that she is a mom.

“My life is not only work. There are more important things. I’m less annoying, less angry,” she admits—going on to detail a typical day in mommy land.

Meanwhile, Sandra insists her great appearance is due to her makeup artists.

“You should see me in the morning without [makeup,]” she says. “My face [gets] wrinkled by my son’s arms. Not even the paparazzi would recognize me!”

The stars film, The Heat is currently in theatres.