Our Baby’s Favorite Natural Products

Our Baby's Favorite Natural Products

Before we had our son, we never really gave it much thought about buying eco-friendly or natural products. A few months before I had our little guy, I started to ask myself: are organic or natural products like hand soaps and lotions worth the extra money? Are they as effective as what we have been using all these years before baby? My parents didn’t use natural products on me when I was a baby so what’s the harm?

After researching on blogs, EWG’s website (Environmental Working Group), baby forums and getting advice from friends, we decided it was worth it for the whole family (even our dogs) to switch to more natural products. The first and foremost reason was because of our baby. We wanted to avoid dyes, artificial fragrances and chemicals whenever we could.  We have a lot of friends that don’t use natural products and their children have had allergies or rashes. I’m not saying it’s a direct correlation between the products and the skin issues they’ve developed but Baby C has never had a problem since we started with natural products from day 1.

Reason two is because I’m breastfeeding and we love to kiss, hug, cuddle and touch baby. My husband and I felt it was extremely important for both of us to know what ingredients are in the products we use every day. Lastly, natural ingredients are just better for the environment in so many ways.  These companies truly care about the products they are making and the ingredients they are putting in; as a mom, I can respect that.

It started with our laundry detergent then to the dish soap then to the hand soaps, lotions and bath products. It was to our surprise, natural companies like Burts Bees, Seventh Generation, Boiron, and Hyland’s were all very affordable – most of the products are even cheaper than what we were previously buying.  They were not only cheaper but very effective.

As a new earth crunchy mama, I’d love to hear what your favorite natural products are! I’m always looking for recommendations from other moms and dads.