Jessica Simpson Wants Her Son to Be Super Smart

Jessica Simpson Wants Her Son to Be Super Smart

I have to give Jessica Simpson some credit here if this story is true. Supposedly the Fashion Star judge has been caught reading to her growing baby bump.  I guess Jess has been reading up on her pregnancy do’s and don’t’s and came across the suggestion about reading to your baby inutero.  Not only has Jess been caught reading out loud to her bump but she also chose an American classic, The Great Gatsby.

Apparently Jess thinks that if she starts reading to her (rumored) son now it’ll make him smarter later on. I’m going to bet the she never picked up a copy of The great Gatsby before, or probably any other American classics for that matter, and I can’t really imagine it ranking as a favorite book of hers! I think the suggestion to read to your baby is actually rooted in the notion that it can be a bonding experience and it’ll make your soothing voice more familiar after you deliver and are trying to soothe a colicky baby.  I’m not so sold on it making the baby smarter from the get go.

Jess sure has a lot on her plate right now. Aside from being pregnant with a baby at home her hit show Fashion Star returns for another season beginning this evening. It was obviously already filmed, but Jess is still out doing a promotional tour to support the show.

How do you feel about reading to your baby bump? Is it something that you have either done or considered doing while pregnant? If you were to do it would you read adult books or instead grab something more suited to children? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image credit: FAMEFLYNET