Kate Middleton Video Proves She Did Not Let Her Baby’s Gender Slip (Video)

Kate Middleton Video Proves She Did Not Let Her Baby's Gender Slip

You know how when you’re in the middle of something big or exciting you think you remember every single detail and later on you realize that your memory wasn’t exactly as sharp as you thought? Well that appears to be what happened earlier this week when Kate Middleton visited Grimsby. The Duchess accepted a gift from a well-wisher and it later spread like wildfire that she stopped short of asking if the teddy bear was for her daughter.

Lisa Hewson was nearby in the line of well-wishers that was receiving Kate and she happened to snap video of that all important moment and guess what? There is no slip on Kate’s part about the gender of her baby.

“I am sure the lady genuinely thought she heard what she said she did, and I don’t want to make her look bad, all I am saying is this is my video, if you want to listen to it, here it is. She might look at it and think ‘Oh my god, I’ve got it wrong.’” says Hewson.

So it looks like all of the royal watchers are back to not having a clue regarding the gender of the royal heir. Do you think that Kate and Prince William are hoping for a girl? Or will William want a son to follow the old way of thinking- you know where boys were the preferred gender? Do you think that they really don’t know what they are having? I actually could kind of see them leaving it a surprise since every other detail of their lives is planned for them! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!